The program is taught by volunteers in the community who are passionate about sharing a sense of financial empowerment with local youth. Volunteers will break down their knowledge of banking and credit into terms that youth can understand and utilize immediately. In addition to financial education, the students are left with a message of empowerment, a message of responsibility, and most important, a message of HOPE.

To help you with taking Banking on Our Future into your community, here are some steps to get you started:

1. Identify a volunteer who is passionate about sharing this curriculum with the youth in your community. This can be you, or other adults who would like to get involved and volunteer their time. You can ask for volunteers by reaching out to local business owners, teachers, professors, college and university students, etc.

2. Identify a group of youth who would benefit from classes of financial empowerment. You can find them with recommendation engine . This could be in form of a classroom at school, a youth group at a church, a mentoring program, an after school program, or any other group of youth that you think can benefit from this knowledge. 3. 'Familiarize yourself with the Banking on Our Future curriculum. Review the volunteer guide for instructions, materials, and teaching tips for each lesson. If you are not teaching the class yourself, you may want to hold a training session for the volunteers that you have recruited to review the materials and answer any questions they may have.

4. 'Teach a class to the youth in your community. By taking an active role and sharing this curriculum with them, you are empowering them to take the first steps towards their financial future.

5. 'Share your experience with us! Send us an email with stories and pictures from your class. We would love to hear from you. You can reach us at